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Working principle of color sorters or optical sorting machine

The color sorters currently produced on the market can be divided into
1) traditional photoelectric technology color sorters;
2) CCD technology color sorters;
3) infrared technology color sorters.
This article mainly introduces CCD color sorters. And how it works.

The CCD series digital intelligent color sorter is a high-tech product integrating optoelectronic technology, microelectronic technology, computer technology and precision machinery manufacturing technology. It is the perfect combination of today's most advanced integrated circuit design technology and modern digital signal processing technology.

It uses a high-speed processing CCD chip to achieve high-precision and high-definition imaging. The image of the subject is focused on the CCD chip through the lens to form a video signal output. The video signal is connected to the monitor to see the same video image as the original image. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, anti-glare, small distortion, small size, long life, anti-vibration, etc., so it can more effectively identify and eliminate rice and Diseased grains and heterochromatic grains with slight color difference and impurities in miscellaneous grains.

The machine adopts open frame structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, simple maintenance, using single-phase 220V±5% volt AC, stable and simple, hidden wiring is safe and reliable, adopts low-power chip design, low power consumption, and adopts internationally renowned brand SMC Air filter, stable and reliable performance, is the first choice for food processing enterprises.

Working principle and process of color sorter
1. The working principle of the CCD color sorter is to determine the color depth and light transmittance of the material by taking pictures of the material, compare the amplitude of the light change, and eject the material whose amplitude exceeds the set value.
2. When the color sorter starts to work, the materials in the feeding hopper are evenly distributed to each channel under the action of the vibrator. The falling materials are detected by the CCD camera in the sorting room. If unqualified materials or impurities are found in the materials, the main control machine will start the spray valve to blow them down into the defective hopper